Interview: Jaqee

Interview: Jaqee

Da schickt Jaqee mitten im September ihr wunderbares Album Kokoo Girl in die weite Welt, das so naiv und sonnig daher kommt, dass es fast schon eine Beleidigung ist, dass die Blätter von den Bäumen fallen. Im Interview plaudert sie ein bißchen aus dem Nähkästchen und ist genauso sympathisch wie ihr Album.

AUFTOUREN: I really like the mood on your record. Many musicians think it’s much harder to write songs with a positive mood than songs with a sad mood. Do you agree with that?

JAQEE: For starts..Thanx. ..Well I guess it´s an individual thing..And I totally understand that musicians find it much easier to trend towards the sadness. It´s much easier to write songs then. I do that quite a lot too. But in the case with Kokoo Girl, it became a challenge to write a positive uplifting album, i wanted and needed that so bad. So I gotta say it was the hardest album in many ways for me to write. But when the Flow was on, it became really easy.

AUFTOUREN: How long did it take to record the album? It sounds like it was made in a short and intensive process.

JAQEE: Yapp.Writing and recording was all done in approximately 6 months. It was a secret, no expectations and pressure which means I was really enjoying myself. The timing was perfect.

AUFTOUREN: I read that your first two albums where much more soul an blues inspired. How did it happen that there is this reggae feeling on “Kokoo girl”?

JAQEE: Well, because I always listened and Love reggae Music. Even in my old albums, you find that I touch the genre, and to be honest with you, I´ts just within me, I can´t help it, I love reggae and I love the scene.

AUFTOUREN: How long does it take for you to write a song normally?

JAQEE: Ohh!!very different. But the songs I write, if I don´t remember them the day after, then I trash them. If I need to speak my mind urgently, then the writing goes very fast.

AUFTOUREN: In “Take the train” it says “I am gonna find me happiness”. Do you think people are responsible for their own luck?

JAQEE: I think we all deserve & owe it to ourselves. You cannot give someone else happiness, if you don´t make yourself happy. One day I woke up, looked myself in the mirror, and I didn’t like the face in the mirror that I had become. So then, I had to change myself into positive and Happiness. I like myself much better today.

AUFTOUREN: What is the idea behind the album cover? First I thought this record must be inspired by music from the 50ties and 60ties.

JAQEE: It´s a secret..haha.., no, I would say, it´s an open cover. Full of 1000 different messages. I like that. And would like to let the viewer look at it and make up his own mind about what He/Her thinks it´s about.

AUFTOUREN: Is “healing waters” some kind of a nursery rhyme? It reminds me of a song I sang in the kindergarten.

JAQEE: I don´t actually know, but I wouldn´t be surprised if it was. I know though that it´s a negro spritual that was recorded earlier by Studio One.

AUFTOUREN: What are your favorite records so far this year?

JAQEE: It´s really many different. I am listening to everything from Bako Dagnon, to Seeeds old stuff, to Rostropovich, Manu Chao, to King Sunny Ade, to Mavado, it´s an endless list.

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