Interview: No Age

<strong>Interview:</strong> No Age

Bevor gleich allerorts die große Bescherung startet, wollen auch wir noch schnell ein kleines Geschenk unter den Weihnachtsbaum legen. Wir sind sehr glücklich, so kurz vor Weihnachten die Gelegenheit gehabt zu haben, einige Fragen an Randy Randall zu richten.  Für den Gitarristen von No Age war es ein unglaublich erfolgreiches, aber aufgrund der zahlreichen Live-Gigs mit Sicherheit zugleich ein äußerst anstrengendes Jahr. Auch wenn wir an dieser Stelle schon so viele Worte über die Band verloren haben, blieb doch noch eine Reihe von Fragen offen. Aber lest selbst…

AufTouren: First of all, congratulations to your Grammy-nomination! Amazing. Is it the result of one year of hard work?

Randy: I would like to say that it is, but really there is some weird commitie that nomminates people for this award. I have no idea why we were nominated.

AufTouren: For the first No Age album, a photo from Smell was used for the cd cover – and it has virtually nothing to do with the artwork of „nouns“, which is quite minimalistic. Who had the idea for the nouns-cover, and why does it look that way?

Randy: The cover was both our and Brian Roetteger’s idea. There is a picture of the Smell inside the cd booklet. We all really wanted a simple cover that was easy to recognize from far away. I am really happy with the font we came up with. It is from the negivite space that a sticker leaves once it is peeled.

AufTouren: We had the opportunity to see you in Amsterdam, that secret boat show on „Stubnitz“. Do you often play private gigs like that?

Randy: We like to do smaller after party shows where things can sometimes get a little wilder. That show was funny because it was so surreal and strange. Usually when we do shows like that they are super sweaty and crazy. That one was just crazy for other reasons.

AufTouren: It was a lot of fun for us to see you playing and having fun in front of such a small crowd. I think that really goes with the whole No Age concept, doesn´t it?

Randy: I think so. We dig having fun, yknow.

AufTouren: Would you agree to the statement, the most exciting aspect of No Age is the authenticity of its members? You always try to get in touch with the audience, play right in the middle of the crowd, take your time for talking or just release photos on your blog…

Randy: Well, I know that it is important for us to not really feel like rockstars. We are not too into being caught up in the bullshit ego stroking thing that can happen when you play music. So, hopefully we are not too tired and can hang with people and get to know what is going on in the cities where we play. Because unfortunately we get to travel a bunch but dont have a lot of time to go exploring.

AufTouren: From the time when No Age had commercial success, people now seem to have a lot of interest in the entire Smell-scene, its spirit and all the bands around it. At the same time it was a chance for lots of other bands like Mika Miko or Abe Vigoda to get public attention and play gigs out of L.A. Do you think it´s appropriate to compare this to the time of The Germs, Black Flag and the development of the SST-scene?

Randy: No, I dont think that i would compare the smell to that stuff. I know we have been really inspired by SST and some of the bands on the lable, but I feel like nothing really touches how rad that shit was. I am just psyched to play with our friends. I think there are always cool things going on it is just when media outlets or blogs focus on something that it becomes a united scene.

AufTouren: There was a time you already did studio recordings as Wives. Comparing that with the current situation, is there anything that has changed during the recording process or during album production in general?

Randy: Oh yeah, Dean and I learned so much from play as part of Wives. When we first started playing music we really really had no idea had to record or get our ideas accros through recording. Now, we have speant more time messing around with recording ideas, and we are more confident in our fucked up ideas. So, I would say that No Agein all aspects is a much different band than Wives. More evolved and confident.

AufTouren: Two and a half years ago you played your first No Age show but to me it seems that this is already so long ago because you toured so much in these years. So you inevitably spent a lot of time witch each other. Do you still like the other a whole lot? Still RanDean?;)

Randy: We spend way tooooo much time together!!! But we are still really good friends. I cant even think of how many days we have speant in close proximity. We definately still get along. one thing we learned pretty quickly with touring is to give the other person space.

AufTouren: Touring all over the country, you may have noticed that different locations certainly have sanitary facilities of different quality. From your personal point of view, is there a rest room which you definitely will keep in mind like the one in the Smell – concerning either its design or its condition?

Randy: Shit! I dont really think that much about bathrooms. There definately have been some pretty gross ones. I generally keep my eyes down and take care of business and get the hell out of there.

AufTouren: Thnking of 2008, what were the most exciting moments?

Randy: It was really awesome meeting Bob Mould and meeting Kevin Shields. 2 big heros to both of us. Those were both 2 cool moments of 2008.

AufTouren: Dean, what can we expect from PPM in 2009? I remember you saying there will be an LP release from Gun Outfit in February?

Randy: Dean is releasing a whole bunch of rad shit in 2009. Keep an eye on his new website

AufTouren: Thank you for having talking the time to answer our questions, we really hope to see you again next year. Maybe with your next record…

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