Interview: Snowman

Einen ziemlich eindrucksvollen Brocken haben Snowman dieses Jahr mit „The Horse, The Rat And The Swan“ vorgelegt. Der Nachfolger ihrer selbstbetitelten Debüt-LP zeichnete sich vor allem durch seine beinahe beängstigende Tiefe und durchgehend dunkle, unbehagliche Grundstimmung aus und war  somit der ideale Wegbegleiter für so manchen Nachtspaziergang. So war der Platz in unserer Jahresliste nur noch Formsache. Was Ihr sonst noch über die Band wissen müsst, sagt Euch Joe McKee, Sänger und Gitarrist der Band, am besten selbst.

AufTouren: First of all, would you agree to the statement, the typical Snowman sound is so unique because their members are coming from all across the world and combine all the influences?

Joe: I think this has an effect on the music, yes. We are from very different cultural backgrounds so inevitabley our sound will be influenced by this. I don’t think we really identified with an Australian culture until much later on. We group up in a confused multi-culturalism i suppose.

AufTouren: Your music often reminds me of lonesome cellars, thunder storms or dark nights, so it’s hard to imagine you don’t write your songs in the dark…

Joe: I am glad to hear that our music evokes visual imagery. When writing, it is important that the mood and the lighting of my writing space is comfortable and ambient….sometimes it is nearly pitch black…but darkness can be a hindrance too.

AufTouren: Your brilliant last record, „The Horse, The Rat And The Swan“, takes a lot of time. Once you think you discovered it, you really really love it. I would say, it has got no real singles or instant hits and only works as a whole. How does it feel to release something that takes that much time in terms where people like to listen to silly ringtones?

Joe: Well, it took a long time to write. We spent hundreds of hours dedicated to the writing process and focused on creating a piece of art. It is, at times, a challenging piece of art, but all of my favourite art is this way. I think for art and music to truly move someone, it needs to be challenging and engaging at the same time. Most people are impatient and therefore most people probably won’t have the patience for the record. Such is life.

AufTouren: Do you think people spent that much time listening to records as a whole as they did in the past? Don’t get me wrong, I most appreciate the album-size but don’t you think it somehow loses its importance in these days?

Joe: I think that the art of „the album“ is becoming less significant perhaps. But it will never be lost providing that good albums are still being made. In the mainstream, the album has been dead for years, but there is an undertow of great music and art being made and there always will be.

AufTouren: What are your favourite albums of all time?

There are too many to list. At the moment i like Tim Hecker -Harmony in Ultra-Violet. I also am listening to Flying Lotus‘ new album entitled „Los Angeles“. When i was fifteen my favourite record was probably by Bjork. When i was six i was in love with the „White Album“.

AufTouren: A few days ago, you toured the UK, also for a few dates with Ten Kens. What impressions will you keep in mind?

Joe: We got very lost when driving out of Leeds. I will always remember how lost we got. We played some shows with a great band called PIVOT. They left a wonderful impression on me both personally and musically.

AufTouren: Let’s talk about 2008: What are your favourite records?

Joe: Aiden Baker and Tim Hecker – Fantasme Parastasie, Flying Lotus – Los Angeles

AufTouren: What can we expect in the nearer future? Will we get the chance to see you in Germany next year? Have you got plans for a new release?

Joe: We will definately be coming to Germany next year. We will try and play all around Europe and America. We are working on new material for our next album. We have to focus on writing that. I love Berlin, some of the new songs and concepts developed during my recent stay there.

AufTouren: Thank you very much for answering, we wish you all the best for the rest of the year and hope to see you in 2009!

Joe: Thankyou, see you soon x

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